Happy Hour

Join us for a delightful Happy Hour experience that promises to elevate your spirits and tickle your taste buds! Unwind and indulge in a fantastic array of handcrafted cocktails, perfectly paired with delectable bites that will tantalize your palate.

Maharani Lassi

Bumbu cream, Mango lassi, Bailey and mint


Vodka vanilla, passion sirup, lime, kokos & rosenblade


Reposado, agave sirup, lime, chilli & coriander

Indian bastard

Four roses infused with spices, sugar, angostura bitters, dehydrated citron

Dawood Ibrahim

Chivas, citron, sugar, egg white & zinfandel

Bumbu Rum Punch

Bumbu rum, pineapple jucie, orange juice & grape soda

Raspberry mint

Raspberry sirup, lime & lemon soda

Ginger Mojito

White rum, lime, ginger sirup, mint, lime & ginger beer

Lillet Spritz

Lillet Blanc, Tree cents grape soda, & grape fruit

Chaacha's Espresso Martini

Vodka, Espresso, chai, Kahlua, sugar sirup & orange liqueur

Chaacha's stormy

Dark rum, Lime, Angostura bitters & ginger beer

Sparkling Strawberries

Strawberry sirup, Lime & Tree cents tonic water